Jaguar Breeding Project

The Jaguar Breeding Project has been developing a very important work on the Brazilian fauna and flora conservation since 2002. It currently possesses 2,200 animals from more than 190 different species.

The Association for the Research and Conservation of the Wildlife, which manages the Jaguar Breeding Project, tries more specifically to create partnerships with public and private entities that would be interested and collaborate in this project of preservation and perpetuation of the fauna and flora. The importance of the project is embedded to the Mission and the Vision of the Association which is conscious of its responsibility towards the environment and consequently towards the Planet.

The decision of the President of the Association to work on a better dissemination and look for sponsors is due to his interest not only in the maintenance of the Breeding Project, but also as an attempt to unite forces so that the work and richness of natural and scientific resources can be shared with research units – including governmental ones – and with the society.

To extend the project is an obvious objective for the Founder, the Volunteers and the Collaborators who work for the Breeding Project to become a national and international reference, helping for the preservation of the resources and species, whichare very often threatened by the irresponsible action of some people.

  • The beginning of 2012 has been really promising with new partnerships with the Angeloni Supermarket and with IBQ Chemicals.
  • The Curitiba Prefecture by means of the Municipal Office for the Environment and consequently the Zoo and the PasseioPúblico has been with us for a long time, always helping us evolve together for the environment’s preservation.
  • The PluraFilmes audiovisual producer has also been with us for many years, documenting and broadcasting our work with talent: “PluraFilmes communicates diversity […], through its content and our ideology through its pictures.”
  • Toca (Management and Medicine of the Wildlife) is a partner of the Breeding Project and helps in the administration of special medical care, surgery and management of wild animals thanks to its knowledge and sensitivity.
  • The architect Mauro Antonietto, who has been with us since day one is a friend and partner of the Breeding Project helping in the daily tasks of taking care of the animals and conceiving the project… the architecture of the Jaguar Breeding Project is highlighted… This place is not only characterized by its objective of conservation of the fauna and flora, but also by the special care given to the landscapes and its perfect design. Mauro coordinates the infrastructure projects and we are very grateful. Thank you!

If your company is also involved in the environment issues, it can become partner of our Conservation Project. Let’s go! Any help is valued. Join our cause! Contact us!

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Jaguar Breeding Project

Association for the Research and Conservation of the Wildlife

+55 [41] 3029-8810

The Jaguar Breeding Project is Conservationist and is not open to the public, as in zoos. The entry of persons is allowed with the purpose of research and maintenance. Even so are strictly assisted by specialized professionals: to contact us and get more information, please complete the form below, or call our contact phone during business hours.

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