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The Jaguar Breeding Project serves Conservation purposes. We are not open to the public like a public zoo and visits are forbidden. This rule aims to preserve the peace and tranquility of the animals: many of its species are threatened by extinction and their reproduction is vital for the preservation of the biodiversity.

That is why we only allow Eco-volunteers for a minimum period of time here at the Breeding Project, working with the keepers, biologists and veterinarians, participating in the daily care after a training and providing resources for new projects.

The Breeding Project has an operating license granted by IBAMA and consequently has to comply with the currentlegislation, which forbids public visits.

Your collaboration is very important for us and there are many ways of helping us other than being an Eco-volunteer.

The team of the ‘Jaguar Breeding Project’ and the ‘Association for the Research and Conservation of the Wildlife’ thanks all the people who support and broadcast this Project, for example all the social networks on which we share our work: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram but also by email, telephone or the people who do it in person… You are all Animals Friendly & Eco-collaborators of this Project.

All the people who help broadcast this work and get us sponsors are important agents of the circulation of the information, sensitivity and knowledge. This is very valuable for our objective because it helps us create a strong multidisciplinary network of people who are engaged for the construction of a better world.

We can only preserve what we know and love. Join us! Be an Eco-volunteer! Or donate and help the organization take care of the more than 2,000 animals of this Project. Contact us for further information!

By joining forces, a better world is possible.






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Jaguar Breeding Project

Association for the Research and Conservation of the Wildlife

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The Jaguar Breeding Project is Conservationist and is not open to the public, as in zoos. The entry of persons is allowed with the purpose of research and maintenance. Even so are strictly assisted by specialized professionals: to contact us and get more information, please complete the form below, or call our contact phone during business hours.

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